Jan. 22nd, 2010

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Sherlock Holmes was transformed when he was hot upon such a scent as this. Men who had only known the quiet thinker and logician of Baker Street would have failed to recognize him. His face flushed and darkened. His brows were drawn into two hard black lines, while his eyes shone out from beneath them with a steely glitter. His face was bent downward, his shoulders bowed, his lips compressed, and the veins stood out like whipcord in his long, sinewy neck. His nostrils seemed to dilate with a purely animal lust for the chase, and his mind was so absolutely concentrated upon the matter before him that a question or remark fell unheeded upon his ears, or, at the most, only provoked a quick, impatient snarl in reply.
The Boscombe Valley Mystery

No, Watson is not describing his and Holmes' sex life, but rather Holmes when he's about to crawl in the mud in search for clues.

Oh, how I love my canon.

"I mean to find her," said Sherlock Holmes. "I'm going through this house till I do find her."
"Where is your warrant?" [asked the criminal]
Holmes half drew a revolver from his pocket. "This will have to serve till a better one comes."
"Why, you are a common burglar."
"So you might describe me," said Holmes cheerfully. "My companion is also a dangerous ruffian. And together we are going through your house."
The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax

Pretty, pretty please, can this appear in the sequel? Because I can picture it so clearly in my mind; RDJ maniacally grinning with Hotson looming behind-beside him.

Also, a fic rec! Homo Ex Machina by [livejournal.com profile] toft_froggy. It's a 14,000 words long piece of marvellous crack. I was writhing in laughter as I read it; it truly is a work of art.


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