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Okay, first things first:

I'm done tinkering with my DreamWidth account! It's up and ready and my fic-journal is as well and so, so pretty and I adore it! ♥

Alright, with that out of the way, I can continue:

Patrick Wolf has released a new single, but since I've been anti-social lately, I missed its release and saw it just now. EPIC FAIL.
But ho-boy, Vulture is fantastic. And the music video... Hell yes. Just note, it's NSFW.

From Patrick's MySpace:
"Filmed in black & white, photographic style, it shows an enraptured, semi naked Patrick writhing in a full S&M, bondage outfit. The controversial scenes are intercut with those of Patrick as the leather clad ‘Vulture’ and as an unmasked icon. Inspired by experiences Patrick gained and suffered on the American leg of the 2007 'Magic Position' tour, the video perfectly depicts these experiences, which Patrick describes as ‘getting involved in some dodgy satanic sex games and exploring the many dark sides of Los Angeles’."

Yum. And I'm not even into BDSM. But hell yes, Patrick Wolf in tight leather and make-up is not something I turn down. ♥ (Hm? Twisted? Me? I don't know what you're talking about. *g*)

Shallowness aside: I must say that I really like the lyrics; they describe his feelings in that unpleasant situation very well, I think, especially since he was also depressed at the time. And the imaginary is creepy-nice in that Patrick Wolf-way he has. But dammit, I'll have to come back and be deep and analytical later; my brain is completely on the blink after this video. I repeat: yum.


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