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Okay, my life has pretty much gone to pot at the moment. School is still a trainwreck, I’m still eighteen years old (ANGST) and mum decided it’s time to renovate the house, so my home is full of strange men and will remain so for five weeks.

Also, my medicine isn’t working, so we’re going to change back to my old one.

Appropriate icon is appropriate.

(On a completely different note, I seem to have a worrying tendency to associate trashy pop songs with my angst slash OTPs. Hm. If I could say what I want to say / I'd say I want to blow you — away / Be with you every night / Am I squeezing you too tight?~ ♪)
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Okay, so I survived my birthday. Yay. Now all I have to do is not having an anxiety attack over the fact that I’m considered an adult by the law of Sweden. Easier said that done. ::cowers::

But it wasn’t all bad. I mean, I got my own laptop (!!!) which I honestly didn’t expect. And I have a paid account. And my brother got Final Fantasy XIII as a non-birthday gift, so I’ve been watching him play it. For the first time in my life, I find myself checking out the girls rather than the boys in a FF game. But seriously, femme-slash and het ahoy!

I might also have a girl-crush on Vanille. I blame it on her red hair and Aussie accent.
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So, school has pretty much gone to hell in a hand basket.

Cut for bitchy ranting. )

Things have gone so far that I’ve had to drop out of [ profile] holmes_big_bang, because there’s no way in hell I’ll manage that. As you can imagine, I’m a little bit upset by that.
Oh well, now I can put my whole heart and soul into my and [ profile] ladylovelace’s project, at least. I’ll go and work on those illustrations I’m so terribly behind with.

But, on a happier note: Shakira’s Lo Imprescindible is apparently the Sherlock Holmes movie in Spanish, minus the Lord Blackwood plotline. How interesting. ♥ (Original lyrics and a translation.)

Fffffff. Why does she have to be so awesome and gorgeous? Why can't she be one or the other?
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I've just been to the Only Good Bra Shop In Sweden and restocked.

European size: 60G, bordering on 60H



Why aren't I twenty yet so I can have that sodding operation already?

(When I first went to that shop, about two years ago, I returned home with a bra in size 75F. What. The. Fuck.)

::rinses mouth with soap and mopes in a corner::
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I was at the allergist at the allergy department today. It's at a children's hospital, and I think I was the oldest one there. Anyways.

The doctor more or less told me that getting a dog was an atrocious idea (and he couldn't even explain why I can't breathe properly; all he said was that it didn't sound like asthma).

I know that I shouldn't have deluded myself into thinking that there was at least a chance of getting a dog, but I did, and now I feel awful. I've wanted a dog for as long as I remember, and my family love dogs, especially mum. But because of my allergy, there is no sodding chance of getting one.

I wouldn't be quite as crushed if A) people had said that there was a 95% percent risk that I'm too allergic instead of just saying 'maybe' over and over again, and B) I wasn't already allergic to:
  • Milk protein and lactose
  • Soy protein (bye bye, yakiniku!)
  • Nuts and almonds
  • ALL raw vegetables and fruits, including potatoes
  • Citrus fruits and leguminous plants no matter if they are cooked or not
  • More plants and flowers than I can count
  • Silver birch and grass pollen, both serious allergies (which makes me unable to be near hay)
  • As good as every other kinds of trees and grass
  • Nickel and all other metals
  • All furred animals, except horses (but since I'm allergic to hay, I can't be in a stable anyways)
  • Cigarette smoke, perfumes, incense and other strong smells
  • Make up (lipstick and lip gloss work, mascara and eyeshadow do not)
  • Did I mention my severe asthma?
    So, on top of all of these allergies that make my life quite difficult in certain situations, I can't have a dog either. Am I allowed to say that this is unfair?

    ... Right now I just want to huddle myself up in an armchair and re-watch episode four of Brideshead Revisited, "Sebastian against the world." It would fit my mood right now, I should think; alcoholism, crumbling friendships/relationships, subtext and just plain, first class angst.

    Because I'm feeling so terrible, I might be a bit late with answering comments and e-mails. Sorry for that.
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