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Okay, my life has pretty much gone to pot at the moment. School is still a trainwreck, I’m still eighteen years old (ANGST) and mum decided it’s time to renovate the house, so my home is full of strange men and will remain so for five weeks.

Also, my medicine isn’t working, so we’re going to change back to my old one.

Appropriate icon is appropriate.

(On a completely different note, I seem to have a worrying tendency to associate trashy pop songs with my angst slash OTPs. Hm. If I could say what I want to say / I'd say I want to blow you — away / Be with you every night / Am I squeezing you too tight?~ ♪)
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I'm going to try out a new medication -- still ADHD meds, only of a different variety. So staring tomorrow, Saturday, I will phase out the ones I already have in my system, and on Tuesday I will start on the new ones. There is of course a mile long list of side effects, and even if I won't have even ¼ of them, my psychiatrist have warned me that I will be pretty wonky the first week.

So if I'm absent the next couple of weeks or just very irregular in my updates, this is the reason why.
([ profile] leafyaki and [ profile] ladylovelace, don't worry, this won't affect our e-mail correspondence too much.)

HolmesBigBang Progress:

3 500 / 20 000 words. 18% done!
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I've been awfully absent and neglectful lately, because of experimentation with my meds and the back-to-new-term stress. But I'll try to be more available now. ♥ (So I'll reply to your posts soon, [ profile] roterhimmel, as soon as I've got the time!)

And now for something completely different: I stumbled upon this meme by accident, and thought it looked fun. In fact, it really was. ♥

20 questions about you and your writing. )
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I was at the allergist at the allergy department today. It's at a children's hospital, and I think I was the oldest one there. Anyways.

The doctor more or less told me that getting a dog was an atrocious idea (and he couldn't even explain why I can't breathe properly; all he said was that it didn't sound like asthma).

I know that I shouldn't have deluded myself into thinking that there was at least a chance of getting a dog, but I did, and now I feel awful. I've wanted a dog for as long as I remember, and my family love dogs, especially mum. But because of my allergy, there is no sodding chance of getting one.

I wouldn't be quite as crushed if A) people had said that there was a 95% percent risk that I'm too allergic instead of just saying 'maybe' over and over again, and B) I wasn't already allergic to:
  • Milk protein and lactose
  • Soy protein (bye bye, yakiniku!)
  • Nuts and almonds
  • ALL raw vegetables and fruits, including potatoes
  • Citrus fruits and leguminous plants no matter if they are cooked or not
  • More plants and flowers than I can count
  • Silver birch and grass pollen, both serious allergies (which makes me unable to be near hay)
  • As good as every other kinds of trees and grass
  • Nickel and all other metals
  • All furred animals, except horses (but since I'm allergic to hay, I can't be in a stable anyways)
  • Cigarette smoke, perfumes, incense and other strong smells
  • Make up (lipstick and lip gloss work, mascara and eyeshadow do not)
  • Did I mention my severe asthma?
    So, on top of all of these allergies that make my life quite difficult in certain situations, I can't have a dog either. Am I allowed to say that this is unfair?

    ... Right now I just want to huddle myself up in an armchair and re-watch episode four of Brideshead Revisited, "Sebastian against the world." It would fit my mood right now, I should think; alcoholism, crumbling friendships/relationships, subtext and just plain, first class angst.

    Because I'm feeling so terrible, I might be a bit late with answering comments and e-mails. Sorry for that.
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    My dad flew to the U.S. this morning. He'll be gone for ten days. That's... the longest he's been away from me. Ever.

    And now for something completely different: remember that I flailed and whined about my new pills? Well, turns out they sort of works. This week has been... Well, eventful.

    List! )

    ... How did I ever manage that? The new pills must indeed be working. Also, my sleeping issues finally went away. Fancy that.

    Also, on an entirely different note, Christmas is coming up. Alright, so it's still a month and a half away, but still. I need time to make presents for my f-list. *g* So; what would you want? A ficlet or a drawing? Feel free to leave a prompt! ♥

    Lastly, I've got myself a new icon! \o/ Yes, again. Just look how pretty it is!

    It's true, isn't it? Just so you know, this is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to R/S fiction -- together with the epithets "boyfriend" and "lover" as well as unrealistic first-times (anal without proper preparation + overabundance of "I love you"s and endearments = uuuuuhh... No thanks).
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    The autumn break is now over; it's back again to school tomorrow. *sad*

    I'm not fretting over the Clandestine, Nondenominational Holiday Friend Exchange or [ profile] rs_small_gifts yet, but just give me time but I'm starting to worry about my and [ profile] usomitai's [ profile] house_bigbang-fic. We've finished it and have started on the editing, but it still scares me. It's so long, and it's silly to think that, because obviously it's long, it's a big bang fic, but it still scares me. Note to self: never write a 20 000+ words long fic again. *sadder*

    I'm trying out some new pills, Equasym, that will hopefully help me with my constant tiredness. Hitherto, there has been no significant change other than that my insomnia has gotten worse. My melatonin pills have worked brilliantly for the past two years, but it seems like Equasym neutralize them or something. In any case, instead of taking my fair time falling asleep and then sleep relatively peacefully, I don't sleep at all. It doesn't matter that I'm so tired I'm feeling sick and have a headache; I just won't fall asleep. I need my seven hours of sleep, or more, otherwise my body and mind go haywire. I WANT SLEEP, FOR SOD'S SAKE. *bloody miserable*


    No, I can't allow myself to wallow in self-pity; then this would look like any teenager's journal, and not like a madcap's fandom one. Sorry for the rant.
    Now, onto much, much happier subjects:

    I saw Transformers with my brother yesterday. It was quite alright, even rather charming. I particularly liked Bumblebee's "dating tips" in the beginning. *g*

    Oh, and this is made of awesome:

    David Thewlis & David Heyman talk Half-Blood Prince (UPDATED)
    Excerpt from this article.

    Because you actually feel quite ridiculous. You've got a knitting needle in your hand, and you're threatening someone's life with it, you know.

    Aw, David! ♥ You are brilliant, even with your actoresque filler words! *cuts and pastes*

    You actually feel quite ridiculous. You've got a knitting needle in your hand, and you're threatening someone's life with it.

    You actually feel quite ridiculous. You've got a knitting needle in your hand, and you're threatening someone's life with it.

    ... Can someone iconize that for me? Pretty please? ♥ I'm willing to write ficlet or draw or both or whatever you want just have this iconized.
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    I've been visiting my grandmother, and that's the reason why I disappeared for the last few days. I'm sorry if I missed anything important!

    Real life, fandom, projects; same old, same old. )

    - Also, have you noticed my pretty new icon? *g* [ profile] planetgal471 made it for me. ♥

    Recs, again. )
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    I've had a splendid idea; instead of always whining about how little time I have (you really must be getting sick of hearing me harp on that by now), I'll tell you when I actually have time. So if I don't say anything, you can assume that I'm still in despondency.

    Prattles about fandom, real life and school -- the usual, with other words. )

    - I feel in the mood for drawing, but I can't really figure out what motive to use. Anyone want to prompt me? Anything Harry Potter-related is fine (especially anything to do with MWPP and/or Lily *g*).

    Well, that's all for today, I think. I hope you're all feeling fine!


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