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So, I have now watched Watchmen and am, as per usual, years late to the party.

My verdict: Meh.

I suppose indifference is not the most common reaction to this film – it seems very much like a hate-it-or-love- it kind of flick – but that’s what I feel. There was far too much gorn, and the tone was too dark for me. I did not really like the characters, more because I found them uninteresting rather than unsympathetic. It’s too long, and it feels a bit dead towards the latter third part.
On the other hand, I really liked how they didn’t go the usual route with the heroes saving the day. And the presence of homosexual superheroes was a big plus. So yeah, the final outcome is an indifferent shrug.

Although I did like HeWhoHasAnUnspellableName Adrian “Ozymandias” Veidt. Because I have Thing for ice-cold blonds oozing homoeroticism. Or because Matthew Goode with blond hair made my brain hurt.
What I especially liked about him was that he was allowed to be a Magnificent Bastard and not being converted to The Light Side by the heroes’ “school boy heroics”, and that he actually won, despite blowing up all the major cities in the world. (Not because I’m for genocide, but because I’m for villains who don’t do a heel-face turn at the end.) Also, he had clearly read the Evil Overlord List – how can you not like a villain who does that? (“I did it thirty-five minutes ago” was the second and last time I laughed during the entire film. The first time was the dropped-him-down-an-elevator-shaft thing.)

So, in short: meh. I like my superhero movies cracky and shiny, kthxbye.
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