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First of all, I’m so sorry I went into witness protection coma epic period of fail. I’ll try to catch up on my f-list and reply to e-mails today. Again, sorry I disappeared from the face of the earth!

Now, things that are actually somewhat interesting:

  • [ profile] hogwartsishome awards: Thank you, whoever nominated me for Best Fanartist, and thank you to all of you who voted on me. (I tied with [ profile] graveofdreams for Runner-Up!) Awful speech of thanks, I know, but, er, it’s sincere? ♥

  • The ESC: No, I don’t like this “competition” and I think it’s revelry in humiliation, but I had to watch the final lest I’ll have no chance talking to my peers next week. Overall, it was horrible; Germany’s contribution made me want to gauge my eyes out, Ukraine’s simply rendered me speechless and braindead (in a not-good way) and Sweden's wasn't much to write home about either. I kind of liked Bosnia and Herzegovina, though, and I think it’d be even better if I actually understood the lyrics. Norway was among the best in the competition, being actually decent. Although I wonder; was I the only one who though Alexander Ryback sounded like Patrick Wolf on anti-depressants, minus the techno-influences and campiness?
    *steps off soapbox*

  • Fangirling: Tim Roth is trying to take over the world, one fangirl at a time. It’s his ulterior motive. That or he simply isn’t real. One of those options. *scampers away to get even more brainwashed watch RaGAD again*
    Don't believe me? Check this out. Also includes Gary Oldman, so it's basically the 8th wonder of the world.

For real?

Jan. 10th, 2009 02:42 pm
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I've been nominated for Best Fanartist over at [ profile] hogwartsishome.


... Someone please pinch me?
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Waaaah. I can't be quiet any longer; I've been home sick for the last two days (fatigue-cold + horrible PMS/period = blarghity x100) and I have had far too little social interaction. So I need to vent.

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Oh, and the main reason I'm feeling so annoyingly cheerful? The Daily Prophet mentioned me!

Excerpt from The Daily Prophet; Term 12, Issue 3:
Next, we have a piece from Anna ([ profile] anna_bm) of Ravenclaw, with what may be her best work yet (you can see the constant improvement!):

[The drawing in question]

It's Remus Lupin, fresh out of Hogwarts and into the 70's! Anna herself admits that the clothes don't scream 1970, but who would argue with a fedora-topped, sports-jacketed, smoking Lupin? This piece is called The Graduate, and it definitely sums up a fresh Hogwarts Graduate's emotions: determined, steadfast, and independent. Remus' rigid, straight pose definitely shows these three characteristics, yet the distant look on his face may seem to tell that there is a hopeful future ahead of him. Though young, Remus' face has been tainted by the numerous scars he obtains from his "furry little problem", and Anna's portrait didn't fail to show this important detail. The colors are rather well-done, and the blending of the colored pencils was done with much care. All in all, it's an amazing work of fan-art, and Ravenclaw house should rejoice to have yet another prodigious fanartist on the loose!

Yes, I'm just a little overjoyed with this. Hell, I'm half-crying and have several happiness-induced aches all over my body which only proves how pathetic I am. Sod not dragging mum and dad into fandom; they've got to see this! Weeheee~! <3

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PS. Sorry for the squee-ness and bad language in this entry. When I'm not quite as muddle-headed and high, I'll be back with a more coherent and bearable entry. Until then, hope you are well!
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I'm so sorry I haven't posted in almost a week; school steals both energy and time. But now I'm back!

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That will have to do for today. I hope you are all feeling well!
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I haven't been writing for the last couple of days (PMS is a bitch) and I probably won't be writing all too much in the next few days, so here is a batch of randomness from me. <3

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