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Courtesy of [ profile] laurenmitchell.(I'll stop now, I promise, I won't spam your f-lists anymore!)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Medium/Media: TV show? Book? Comic? Band? All of the above?
A movie. It was made in 2005, in case anyone's interested.
Extent:What are newbies letting themselves in for - a single book or a fifteen-book saga? A fifteen-episode cancelled TV show, or nine seasons of twenty 45-minute episodes? A set of comics that'll need a truck to deliver?
An hour and a half of pure, unadulterated fun. Even if you don't want to join the fandom, do watch the movie. It's tragically underrated.
Genre: Science fiction? Fantasy? Horror?
Realism, to an extent. It takes place in contemporary L.A., with all that entails.

Main characters: Name the main characters with a brief bio.
Harry Lockhart (played by Robert Downey Jr) is a pseudo-New Yorker and pushing forty good-for-nothing, who makes his living by stealing audio-visual components. Due to a series of unexpected and accidental events, he gets whisked away to L.A., where he meets the private detective Perry "Gay Perry" van Shrike (Val Kilmer) and reunites with his highschool sweetheart Harmony Faith Lane (Michelle Monaghan), who is an aspiring actress. Harry is hapless and pretty much the adorable personified, Perry is smooth and ice-cold, and Harmony is kind and flaky. Actually, everyone is pretty flaky -- I don't think there is one well-adjusted character in the whole movie.
Main plot: A brief explanation of the main plot of the story. Try to avoid spoilers! If you can't avoid major spoilers, warn for them in your cut-text!
These LJ-cuts suck. )
Setting: When and where is the story set?
L.A., now-ish. The intro-esque episode takes place in New York.
Why I think you should watch/read/otherwise partake of this fandom: Reasons in canon that new people might be interested.
Because the movie is brilliant and it's a shame the fandom is so small. We need more kids in the sandbox.
Activity level: What's happening to canon at the moment? Is it finished, or ongoing, or debatable?
It's finished. There's been rumours of a sequel for years, but I don't think it'll happen.
Shipping: Does the canon tend towards slash, het or gen? NB this means actual IN CANON pairings, not the sort you see through the goggles (yes, I am as guilty of this as the next ficcer, assuming the next ficcer is [ profile] fiareynne).
50/50? Harry and Harmony is canon, but they never actually get around to it. And, well, Harry and Perry do snog, even if it's just a diversion. The movie's pretty rife with subtext, if you ask me.

Fanon and Fandom
Communities: Places that new people can go for fic/art/fine dining and conversation - include LJ comms or off-LJ lists, whatever. Might be wise to mention how welcoming the comms are of new people.
As far as I know, there is only one KKBB community, [ profile] kkissbbang. Yuletide hosts most of the fanfic
Recs: Recommend up to five fics/artses/whatever. (Limit suggested only so it doesn't go on forever.)
Oh, wow. Woo. This LJ-cut is tiny. Is it real? )
Activity level: Roughly how active is the fandom? Can be expressed in terms of community posts per day/week/month/ice age, or just as a general vibe.
Like I said, it's a small fandom, and it's pretty dead. Tragic, really. But it's had a recent upswing with a new kinkmeme being posted and all, and there are still some great older fanfics to be found.
Shipping: Does the fandom tend towards slash, het or gen? Is there a majority-preferred pairing? Does it match up with canonically established pairings? Is the fandom generally welcoming of alternative pairings or will it bite your head off?
Harry/Perry is clear majority, for obvious reasons if you've seen the movie. Some Harry/Harmony shippers exist, as well as several Harmony/Harry/Perry ones. Since these three characters are the main ones, and not a lot of minor characters are introduced, it's them the fans mostly play around with.
Kink: What is the fandom's attitude towards kink? Is there a kink meme?
There are several fics with D/S vibes, with Harry as sub and Perry as dom, so the fandom is not averse to kink. The kinkmeme is located at [ profile] kinkbangmeme.
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— Want to read this at DreamWidth? No problem! —

Behold my collected writings of this autumn! Yeah, this is beyond pathetic, but I always go into some kind of creative semi-hibernation during the autumn/winter period of the year. At least I've managed to write something.

I'm experimenting with writing styles again, so consider that your warning. Also, both ficlets are unbeta'd but read through and corrected several times over.
The KKBB one was incredibly fun to write since I got to be as rambling as I wanted to. The IM one was trickier, since I'd got it into my head that it had to be written from J.A.R.V.I.S.'s point of view, with as much tech lingo as possible, despite the fact that I'm completely at a loss when it comes to technology. I, uh, hope everything makes sense? ♥

Title: Nine and a Half
Characters/Pairings: Harry Lockhart, Perry van Shrike
Rating: R for language
Word Count: 320
Disclaimer: I don't own Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or any of the characters; I'm just playing around a bit.

It's weird going from having ten fully functioning fingers to just nine and a half. )

Title: Strict Machine
Characters/Pairings: J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony Stark  (pre-movie)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 281
Disclaimer: I don't own Iron Man or any of the characters; I'm just playing around a bit.

J.A.R.V.I.S. is quite aware it's an artificial intelligence, and as such does not possess 'emotions'. )
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Good morning/day/afternoon/night/life/Armageddon, this is Anna's Brain's PA speaking.

We're glad to inform you that after weeks of reconstruction, things are finally up and running again. There has been some major changes in Anna Tower, however, and we hope visitors will not become too confused by them.

As some of you may remember, apart from the lobby and the department "Random Obsessions" on the 4th floor, all floors were dedicated to heathen Harry Potter worship.
The new Anna Tower still has the heathen worship as its main fuction, but two of the top floors are currently being rebuilt to accommodate shrines for the worship of Marvel's The Avengers and Iron Man. "Random Obessions" has also gained two permanent departments: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Robert Downey Jr."

Old regulars need not to worry. Despite these changes, the remaining ten floors are still in the exact same condition as they were before the reconstuction. After all, Harry Potter holds over 50% of the shares.

- -

PM from the CEO: Yes, this means my hiatus is officially over. Also, I'm setting up base in the Marvel Adventures and IM: The Movie 'verses, because they are pretty and cracky and non-angsty and I like them.
And no, just because I've changed my default icon into an Iron Man one doesn't mean I'm defecting from Harry Potter. It's just, you know, the arc reactor? Shiny.
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— Want to read this at DreamWidth? No problem! —

Title: A Little Later On That Year…
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Perry
Genre: Pencil drawing; Tastes Like Diabetes
Rating: G
Medium: Graphite pencils, 5B—8B; retouched in Photoshop Elements 5.0
Disclaimer: I don't own Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or any of the characters; I'm just playing around a bit.

Small version: 689x545
Large version: 1078x852

Artist's notes. )
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Nope, I'm still on hiatus. Just thought I'd give some signs of life and a quick update of what's been going on.

Dear Self, )


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