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Three posts in one day – I’m so sorry! D: I’ll shut up for several days now, I promise.


Cut for Iron Man 2 spoilers, squeeing and capslock. )

I probably shouldn’t write LJ entries rapidly without proofreading first, but I AM EXCITED.
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It’s actually kind of fascinating how closely connected the memory is to the senses of smell and taste. For example, the smell of dried nail varnish reminds me of Marvel Comics and Iron Man in particular, because the time when I was the most obsessed by them coincided with when I started to paint my nails on a regular basis. The taste of Pepsi reminds me of Sherlock Holmes, since I started to buy it just before I went to the cinema, because I wanted something ~special~ to drink then. Cardamom reminds me of manga, because I was nuts about cardamom buns when I was twelve. And then there’s the soap in the bathroom downstairs, which drives me insane because it reminds me of something that I can’t put my finger on.

Why, yes, I am currently sleep-deprived. How are you all doing?

Ohmygod, I’m going to see Iron Man 2 this evening, Icanbarelycontainmyexcitement, I’ll even wear my cutest skirt!

Oh Yeah!

Apr. 24th, 2010 05:13 pm
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After lots of hustle and bustle, I finally have them in my hand!
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So, I had to drop out of [ profile] holmes_big_bang because real life is a bitch and school hates me, but that doesn't mean I can't amuse myself in other ways. So what do I do? I sit down and write an essay on Sherlock Holmes and Asperger's Syndrome, that's what I do. WTF, self?

I haven't even written a fifth of what's planned, either, and I'm already at +3000 words. By Jove.

ALSO. I'm turning eighteen this Friday, which means I will, hopefully, have a Paid Account by Saturday! :D

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I’ve been reading Iron Man fics this afternoon because I needed porn because I haven’t done that in a while. And apparently I had forgot how much I love angst of the “Oh my god I hate myself and I’m such a worthless human being, how could you ever love me, I don’t believe you” variety. At least when Tony Stark is in charge of the angsting. I don’t think there has ever been a man who suffers anguish more beautifully than him.

Which reminds me. I have a fic rec, for all of you. dazed in the final count by [ profile] strzyga is a Tony/Steve PWP fic (if it indeed can be called a PWP when it’s 5k…) which contains some of the most gorgeous and hottest sex scenes I have read in a long, long time. And, yes, pathetic worshipping and inferiority complex angst. It’s brilliant.
Even if you don’t normally read Marvel fanfics, or don’t even know who the characters are, read this one. Just imagine Robert Downey Jr as Tony and your favourite ripped blond as Steve. You don’t actually need to know anything about them or their background stories to enjoy this. So go read. (Yes, this includes you, [ profile] ladylovelace. I’ll accept no excuses.)
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Courtesy of [ profile] laurenmitchell.

Iron Man movieverse
Medium/Media: TV show? Book? Comic? Band? All of the above?
A movie adaptation of the Marvel comic books.
Extent:What are newbies letting themselves in for - a single book or a fifteen-book saga? A fifteen-episode cancelled TV show, or nine seasons of twenty 45-minute episodes? A set of comics that'll need a truck to deliver?
If you're only in the movieverse section of the fandom, it's very easy to join; the Iron Man saga is planned to be a trilogy, with the second installment being released this spring. However, the movieverse fandom is very closely knit with the comics canon, and... Well, it's Marvel. Buckle up, kids, you're in a for a ride.
Genre: Science fiction? Fantasy? Horror?
Like all Marvel comics, Iron Man takes place in an alternate universe where super-heroes exist and Forbes 400 looks a little bit different. To what extent the movieverse tallies with this aspect of comics canon, only time will tell. As it stands now, Iron Man is an action flick with sci-fi elements. It is, after all, about the engineering genius and playboy billionaire Tony Stark and how he builds a tailor-made tank to fight evil. There will be a lot of techno-babble and questionable science involved.

Main characters: Name the main characters with a brief bio.
Anthony "Tony" Edward Stark--played by Robert Downey Jr--is one of the richest and most brilliant men on earth. He is C.E.O. of the weapon manufacturing company Stark Industries and spends most of his time either among high society or in his workshop; one gets the impression he prefers the latter. His only real friends are his P.A. Virginia "Pepper" Potts and his military liaison James "Rhodey" Rhodes, as well as his A.I. JARVIS. Tony's pretty messed up and would probably be a shrink's wet dream, but his most prominent issues are his self-loathing and massive guilt complex. This is the man who builds a robot suit to fight every evil on the planet, because he feels it's his responsibility. Clearly, he'd benefit from some therapy, if only he would acknowledge his problems.
Main plot: A brief explanation of the main plot of the story. Try to avoid spoilers! If you can't avoid major spoilers, warn for them in your cut-text!
For your convenience, an LJ-cut. )
Setting: When and where is the story set?
In a slightly AU version of our world, either contemporary or twenty-minutes-into-the-future.
Why I think you should watch/read/otherwise partake of this fandom: Reasons in canon that new people might be interested.
Because it's fun? The movie is really good, with humour, drama, action and believable characters, topped off with a plethora of prettiness. And it's Tony MF Stark -- how can you not love him?
Activity level: What's happening to canon at the moment? Is it finished, or ongoing, or debatable?
The Iron Man saga is an on-going trilogy, with its second installment being released this spring. However, the first movie is pretty much a stand-alone, so don't let that scare you off.
Shipping: Does the canon tend towards slash, het or gen? NB this means actual IN CANON pairings, not the sort you see through the goggles (yes, I am as guilty of this as the next ficcer, assuming the next ficcer is [ profile] fiareynne).
Given that Tony Stark is a man-slut in canon, and that RDJ can have sizzling chemistry with a piece of wood, there is sexual tension in pretty much every scene. It's canon that there's some serious UST going on between Tony and Pepper, but it's not yet resolved, and it doesn't stop him from flirting with everyone else, including Rhodey. And, yes, JARVIS.

Fanon and Fandom
Communities: Places that new people can go for fic/art/fine dining and conversation - include LJ comms or off-LJ lists, whatever. Might be wise to mention how welcoming the comms are of new people.
There is one movieverse-centric Iron Man community as far as I know, which is [ profile] ironman_movie. [ profile] starkindustries is a Tony Stark-centric community.
Recs: Recommend up to five fics/artses/whatever. (Limit suggested only so it doesn't go on forever.)
For your convenience, another LJ-cut. )
Activity level: Roughly how active is the fandom? Can be expressed in terms of community posts per day/week/month/ice age, or just as a general vibe.
It's pretty dead now, sadly enough, but hopefully that will change as the release date of Iron Man 2 approaches. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, anyways.
Shipping: Does the fandom tend towards slash, het or gen? Is there a majority-preferred pairing? Does it match up with canonically established pairings? Is the fandom generally welcoming of alternative pairings or will it bite your head off?
Tony Stark is pretty much considered the little black dress of the Marvel fandom. Movieverse most often pair him up with Pepper, sometimes with Rhodey, and occasionally JARVIS. There a few crossover pairings with Tony as well, and several authors have mashed comics canon and movieverse together to pair Tony and Steve "Captain America" Rogers up. Gen fic exists as well.
Kink: What is the fandom's attitude towards kink? Is there a kink meme?
Again, it's Tony Stark. He's the man who makes a hi-tech pace-maker look sexy. I have yet to see a someone complain about the idea of Tony and sexual fetishes. If you're not averse to read comics canon, I can even point you to several delicious fics with serious kink and BDSM elements. As for a kink meme, there is the [ profile] marvel_kink.
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Another conversation I had with my brother today:

Him: What if Marvel made a comic about Sherlock Holmes?
Me: Say what?
Him: It would be, like, Super Sherlock, solving crimes while flying through London in a trench coat*.
Me: Marvel would probably take a shot at it, if they could. But it just wouldn't work, you know? Sherlock Holmes is realistic, Marvel is... well, Marvel, they're just not compatible.
Me: ... Unless the Avengers were sent by mistake into Sherlock Holmes' world, then I suppose it could work.
Him: Dimension travel?
Me: Yeah.
Me: And it would take Holmes 0.2 seconds to deduce that they were super-humans.
Him: ...
Me: Well, they wouldn't be in costume, duh. That'd be too obvious.
Him: Spiderman would definitely say "Elementary, my dear Watson."
Me: That quote is not cano——!
Him: No, I know, but he'd still say it.
Me: ...Yeah. And Holmes would turn to Watson and say something like "Ah, yes, your romanticized accounts of our cases."
Him: Who else?
Me: Tony.
Him: Oh, God.
Me: Tony would totally nerdgasm.
Him: Definitely.
Me: And he'd immediately start tinkering with something. Steam punk!
Him: Yes, steam punk!
Him: He'd build a steam-driven Iron Man suit in no time flat, and probably a computer as well.
Me: Probably. And then he'd geek out with Holmes over—— Oh, God, imagine Tony and Holmes by the chemical set or whatever, both in nerd-mode.
Him: Things would explode.
Me: Definitely. And Steve would just shake his head.
Him: Together with Watson.
Him: They're pretty alike, aren't they, Steve and Watson?
Me: Both long-suffering friends of eccentric nerds, yeah.
Him: Friends? [raises eyebrow] Oh, well. They could bond over that while Tony and Holmes target practice indoors.

* = This conversation took place shortly after I'd, er, informed my brother that trench coats have no place whatsoever in Victorian England.
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My younger brother's become a Deadpool fan. I thought he might like him, so I tentatively showed the first six issues of Cable & Deadpool to him, after having warned him profusely about, well, everything.

We’ve come as far as issue #13. After having read the "Thirty Pieces" arc, the following conversation took place:

Him: Wait, Rob Lowe? Anna, is Deadpool gay?
Me: Honestly? I... have no idea. I'm sorry, when I started reading this, I had no idea there would be this much ho-yay.
Him: Hey, it's okay. I don't mind.
[A few minutes later]
Him: "The sweetest sound I've ever heard?" Jesus Christ, the ho-yay, it burns. ::grins::

Dec. 15th, 2009 06:27 pm
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Iron Man Ultimate 2-Disc Edition.

I have it. Finally.
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— Want to read this at DreamWidth? No problem! —

Behold my collected writings of this autumn! Yeah, this is beyond pathetic, but I always go into some kind of creative semi-hibernation during the autumn/winter period of the year. At least I've managed to write something.

I'm experimenting with writing styles again, so consider that your warning. Also, both ficlets are unbeta'd but read through and corrected several times over.
The KKBB one was incredibly fun to write since I got to be as rambling as I wanted to. The IM one was trickier, since I'd got it into my head that it had to be written from J.A.R.V.I.S.'s point of view, with as much tech lingo as possible, despite the fact that I'm completely at a loss when it comes to technology. I, uh, hope everything makes sense? ♥

Title: Nine and a Half
Characters/Pairings: Harry Lockhart, Perry van Shrike
Rating: R for language
Word Count: 320
Disclaimer: I don't own Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or any of the characters; I'm just playing around a bit.

It's weird going from having ten fully functioning fingers to just nine and a half. )

Title: Strict Machine
Characters/Pairings: J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony Stark  (pre-movie)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 281
Disclaimer: I don't own Iron Man or any of the characters; I'm just playing around a bit.

J.A.R.V.I.S. is quite aware it's an artificial intelligence, and as such does not possess 'emotions'. )