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Alright, time for the real update!

Like I've said, the trip to the Åland Islands was fine. The house we rented was brilliant, the view was spectacular and it was all around lovely. My only complaints were the colony of screaming kids we had for neighbours and the fact that there was nothing to do. True torment for a spoilt middle-class brat, right? (Internet didn't work, do you hear me, it didn't work! D:)

But it was very nice, anyways. I and mum spent the evenings having Yatzee tournaments while listening to the Dire Straits albums I had lugged about with me.

Also – since we had no TV channels worth watching – I devoured the first season of Torchwood, which dad had been so kind and generous to take with him. ♥

Well, "first season" might be to push it – I just watched the first twelve episodes, since I'm a spoiler-whore of distinction and have figured that I need ep 2x01 at hand as well to be able to handle the season finale. Also, I want that Jack/Ianto kiss, dammit!
Short ranting behind cut. )

So, naturally, this leads me to this question: are there any on my f-list who are Torchwood fans as well? I know [ profile] littlemissgg is (which is partly the reason why I gave the series a try) but I do believe I've seen other rant/squee/mention/talk about it as well.

Oh, and while we're on updates, I might as well mention two things happening in my real life:
  • I'm starting school 20/8! \o/ New school, new class and new classmates, thank god. Now my peers will be about 16-20 years old instead of 12-15. THANK HEAVEN.

  • This summer I was supposed to take a few guitar lessons. I have, it was unbelievably fun, and I'm going to continue having lessons once a week this autumn! ♥ (Mum is currently jumping for joy that I'm finally getting a "real" hobby activity.)

And... I think that's that for today?


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