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Well. Now I've changed the layout. I... think I like it? It's still too new for me to know for sure. What do you think? :)

Oh, and a meme:

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here
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Hullo, everyone!

Sorry for disappearing for a week just like that; I had an unusually mild case of PMS, so I wasn't feeling very sociable, but now I'm back. ♥

So what did I do during this period, apart from indulging in self-pity and chocolate? Getting obsessed with American fake-news-slash-satire shows, of course! *headdesk*
Allow me to explain… )

Two fic recs. (Oi, a HP one, folks!) )

What else? Hm… Well, I'm working on a (very belated) journal-entry where I'll show my poor attempts at painting. Should be ready for posting… soonish. Hopefully.

Otherwise, I'm actually pondering if I should change my journal layout. I still want something spacious and mostly-white, but perhaps along with sky-blue or maybe even red? Not pink, in any case. I'm also considering going through my icons and do some thorough cleaning. Is this something worth considering or should I just drop it?

Also. Since I can't have a credit card until I'm legal (i.e. eighteen) is there any way of paying for another year at LJ without actually having to transfer money from a plastic card? Like, something along the lines of or something like that?
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I'm an on-and-off reader of the Swedish science magazine Illustrerad Vetenskap ("Science Illustrated" in English) and in their latest number they had an article about beauty. It was interesting, pretty focused on the whole biological aspect of it, and they presented several manipulated faces that people participating in the experiment had found more beautiful than real faces. Among those, there was an image that showed the most unattractive vs. the most attractive (manipulated) faces in both men and women. This is what scientists came up with:

I... can't say I agree with that. They look far too bland and scary. If I got to have a say on the subject, I'd actually say that this is a lot more accurate:

With the help of Photoshop, and behind cut for your convenience, I present you this. )

Or something like this:

Behind curtain number two… )

Or perhaps this:

Curtain number three is the final one, people! )

I could continue this list forever.
How about you? Do you agree with the article? Why/Why not?
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The other night, mum was up late and zapping, and I joined her out of boredom. I was planning to just be there for a couple of minutes to chat and then go do something else, maybe drawing or something, when mum paused her zapping to watch the trailers at Silver. Not much there, but right before mum resumed her zapping, I caught a glimpse of the programme schedule. They were going to show Naked, then and there, on Swedish television, one hour to midnight.

Cut for spoilers and rambling. )

And now for something completely different: my books arrived today! \o/ I'm already on chapter seven of Maurice. ♥
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Hullo! See, I'm not dead. Or I was, and then reborn. Choose whatever you like the best. *g* But now school is finally over, THANK GOD, and I can be more active again. So, how've you all been? ♥

Somewhat interesting stuff I've been up to while I've been gone:

Cut to save your f-lists. )

So. Now I'll just get back to answering the reviews to His Girl as well as a couple of very over-due e-mails, and then I'm back on track. I think? Suppose? Hope? Pray?
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I've been visiting my grandmother, and that's the reason why I disappeared for the last few days. I'm sorry if I missed anything important!

Real life, fandom, projects; same old, same old. )

- Also, have you noticed my pretty new icon? *g* [ profile] planetgal471 made it for me. ♥

Recs, again. )
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Wotcher, folks! How are you all?
I've been insanely productive the last few days (Two short fics written and posted in quick progression and with no writerly angst at all? How is that even possible?) so I suppose taking some pressure off myself has helped.

Firstly, various rambling, like always. )

Because I can spam my journal with whatever I want: My Top Ten Favourite Films: )

Goodness gracious; it's recs galore! )
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Waaaah. I can't be quiet any longer; I've been home sick for the last two days (fatigue-cold + horrible PMS/period = blarghity x100) and I have had far too little social interaction. So I need to vent.

Cut to save your f-lists. )

Oh, and the main reason I'm feeling so annoyingly cheerful? The Daily Prophet mentioned me!

Excerpt from The Daily Prophet; Term 12, Issue 3:
Next, we have a piece from Anna ([ profile] anna_bm) of Ravenclaw, with what may be her best work yet (you can see the constant improvement!):

[The drawing in question]

It's Remus Lupin, fresh out of Hogwarts and into the 70's! Anna herself admits that the clothes don't scream 1970, but who would argue with a fedora-topped, sports-jacketed, smoking Lupin? This piece is called The Graduate, and it definitely sums up a fresh Hogwarts Graduate's emotions: determined, steadfast, and independent. Remus' rigid, straight pose definitely shows these three characteristics, yet the distant look on his face may seem to tell that there is a hopeful future ahead of him. Though young, Remus' face has been tainted by the numerous scars he obtains from his "furry little problem", and Anna's portrait didn't fail to show this important detail. The colors are rather well-done, and the blending of the colored pencils was done with much care. All in all, it's an amazing work of fan-art, and Ravenclaw house should rejoice to have yet another prodigious fanartist on the loose!

Yes, I'm just a little overjoyed with this. Hell, I'm half-crying and have several happiness-induced aches all over my body which only proves how pathetic I am. Sod not dragging mum and dad into fandom; they've got to see this! Weeheee~! <3

Fanfic-Recs (HP) )

PS. Sorry for the squee-ness and bad language in this entry. When I'm not quite as muddle-headed and high, I'll be back with a more coherent and bearable entry. Until then, hope you are well!
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I've had a splendid idea; instead of always whining about how little time I have (you really must be getting sick of hearing me harp on that by now), I'll tell you when I actually have time. So if I don't say anything, you can assume that I'm still in despondency.

Prattles about fandom, real life and school -- the usual, with other words. )

- I feel in the mood for drawing, but I can't really figure out what motive to use. Anyone want to prompt me? Anything Harry Potter-related is fine (especially anything to do with MWPP and/or Lily *g*).

Well, that's all for today, I think. I hope you're all feeling fine!
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It's amazing how school just sucks energy out of you, and how it steals time so effortlessly. I'm starting to understand what people mean when they say that time is like sand in your hands.

To save your f-lists: babbling behind the cut! )

I am the Goddess of Getting Side-Tracked. That said, I wonder if anyone would mind beta an R/S fanfic for me? It's about 1,000 words long, rated PG and written in response for the September Challenge over at [ profile] hh_sugarquill; the prompt was "whimsical". So, does anyone feel like they could help me out? I would be so very grateful if someone could.


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