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So, school has pretty much gone to hell in a hand basket.

Cut for bitchy ranting. )

Things have gone so far that I’ve had to drop out of [ profile] holmes_big_bang, because there’s no way in hell I’ll manage that. As you can imagine, I’m a little bit upset by that.
Oh well, now I can put my whole heart and soul into my and [ profile] ladylovelace’s project, at least. I’ll go and work on those illustrations I’m so terribly behind with.

But, on a happier note: Shakira’s Lo Imprescindible is apparently the Sherlock Holmes movie in Spanish, minus the Lord Blackwood plotline. How interesting. ♥ (Original lyrics and a translation.)

Fffffff. Why does she have to be so awesome and gorgeous? Why can't she be one or the other?
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I’m trudging through the second part of The Valley of Fear.
… ACD couldn’t write romance if his life depended on it, could he?

And while I’m on the subject of Sherlock Holmes, good grief, how can Holmsians be borderline homophobic and still praise Jeremy Brett’s performance? Because Brett’s Holmes is flaming, it’s hilarious. (Did RDJ perhaps draw inspiration from Brett during the restaurant scene in the movie? Because I’m recognizing that “catty bitch” behaviour.)

And now for something completely different. I’ve been playing guitar so much these last few days that I’ve pulled my little finger. Owie. I’m still no rock star, though. Hm. (But I can play In the Hall of the Mountain King!)

I’ve also written +1000 words my bigbang fic, finally. Thanks so much for the kind support! ♥

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First of all, I’m so sorry I went into witness protection coma epic period of fail. I’ll try to catch up on my f-list and reply to e-mails today. Again, sorry I disappeared from the face of the earth!

Now, things that are actually somewhat interesting:

  • [ profile] hogwartsishome awards: Thank you, whoever nominated me for Best Fanartist, and thank you to all of you who voted on me. (I tied with [ profile] graveofdreams for Runner-Up!) Awful speech of thanks, I know, but, er, it’s sincere? ♥

  • The ESC: No, I don’t like this “competition” and I think it’s revelry in humiliation, but I had to watch the final lest I’ll have no chance talking to my peers next week. Overall, it was horrible; Germany’s contribution made me want to gauge my eyes out, Ukraine’s simply rendered me speechless and braindead (in a not-good way) and Sweden's wasn't much to write home about either. I kind of liked Bosnia and Herzegovina, though, and I think it’d be even better if I actually understood the lyrics. Norway was among the best in the competition, being actually decent. Although I wonder; was I the only one who though Alexander Ryback sounded like Patrick Wolf on anti-depressants, minus the techno-influences and campiness?
    *steps off soapbox*

  • Fangirling: Tim Roth is trying to take over the world, one fangirl at a time. It’s his ulterior motive. That or he simply isn’t real. One of those options. *scampers away to get even more brainwashed watch RaGAD again*
    Don't believe me? Check this out. Also includes Gary Oldman, so it's basically the 8th wonder of the world.

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Okay, first things first:

I'm done tinkering with my DreamWidth account! It's up and ready and my fic-journal is as well and so, so pretty and I adore it! ♥

Alright, with that out of the way, I can continue:

Patrick Wolf has released a new single, but since I've been anti-social lately, I missed its release and saw it just now. EPIC FAIL.
But ho-boy, Vulture is fantastic. And the music video... Hell yes. Just note, it's NSFW.

From Patrick's MySpace:
"Filmed in black & white, photographic style, it shows an enraptured, semi naked Patrick writhing in a full S&M, bondage outfit. The controversial scenes are intercut with those of Patrick as the leather clad ‘Vulture’ and as an unmasked icon. Inspired by experiences Patrick gained and suffered on the American leg of the 2007 'Magic Position' tour, the video perfectly depicts these experiences, which Patrick describes as ‘getting involved in some dodgy satanic sex games and exploring the many dark sides of Los Angeles’."

Yum. And I'm not even into BDSM. But hell yes, Patrick Wolf in tight leather and make-up is not something I turn down. ♥ (Hm? Twisted? Me? I don't know what you're talking about. *g*)

Shallowness aside: I must say that I really like the lyrics; they describe his feelings in that unpleasant situation very well, I think, especially since he was also depressed at the time. And the imaginary is creepy-nice in that Patrick Wolf-way he has. But dammit, I'll have to come back and be deep and analytical later; my brain is completely on the blink after this video. I repeat: yum.


Jan. 28th, 2009 10:20 am
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I'm taking a short trip from the busy land of Montly Mayhem, Personal Issues And TMI to bring you an important message:


(Also, I've decided that covers aren't so bad when the cover-artist changes/keeps the gender pronouns to make the songs gay. ♡)

(E-mails are on the way, [ profile] usomitai. I just... have to stop feeling like death warmed up first.)
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Usually, I don't really care for musicians. If I find music that I like, I look up the musician and try to get hold of more songs by him/her/them. Who the musician is or his/her/their opinions and such and whatever ad nauseam has never really interested me.

Until this bloke came along:

Patrick Wolf

I am now officially a fan of Patrick Wolf, and I'm a fangirl of a musician for the first time in my life. Not only does he make brilliant music, but he also seems to be a decent bloke. What I especially love about him is that he's making no big deal out of being bisexual ("I like having sex and falling in love -- I don't like having a terminology for my sexuality.") and that he's really only in it for the music, and not the media-whoring. He isn't daft either, knows common courtesy and doesn't use filler words all the time.

He is also the first man who's not reached thirty yet that I've found attractive. But he's fine, damnit. And we also have almost exactly the same haircut, only mine is slightly less colourful and not quite as Potteresque windblown.

... Though I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. *g*
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I have finished my [ profile] rs_small_gifts fic and sent it to the moderators! \o/ I didn't break the deadline, woohoo~ ♥

Also, on a completely different note: I always listen to songs when I write, and when I not write, and all the time, actually. In any case, I've found that every time I listen to this song -- "Na Na Na" by The Knife -- I keep thinking about Sirius' childhood. I have no idea why, because the lyrics have nothing to do with children or families or anything that can be connected to that, but it still always makes me think of it. Just like Marble House always makes me think of R/S during the GoF/OotP eras. *shrugs* Maybe I'm just odd...?
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I, ladies and gentlemen, have started playing the guitar.

Well, at least I've started to prod the strings and produce sounds. I've been doing this for two weeks now, and apparently it wasn't just a short-lived phase. Yay?

The songs I can play/comp relatively well (i.e. without pausing all that much and not failing constantly with the finger-placement) are Zombie by Cranberries, Come As You Are by Nirvana, Die Mauer by Ebba Grön (oh, Swedish punk rock, how I love thou! ♥) and About A Girl by The Academy Is.... I can also play the melody to Kent's Kärleken Väntar (Love Awaits) if I'm allowed to warm up. I want to be able to play There's A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths, because that song is beyond amazing, but it's filled with malignant B chords. *grumbles* I have to look up more Something Corporate songs...

Anything else? Erm... Well, I've started to watch Brideshead Revisited. Guess which pairing I'm most inclined to ship? *g*
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— Want to read this at DreamWidth? No problem! —


This is a happy, upbeat fanmix that has been in the works for a little over two months. It started out as an R/S fanmix, which evolved into a happy and upbeat R/S fanmix, which evolved into a happy and upbeat R/S fanmix with some J/L, which evolved into a happy and upbeat Marauders fanmix with focus on R/S and J/L.
I have also written drabbles to this (there's seven in total) and together they form a story. It focuses on the Marauders' last year at Hogwarts, and conveniently ignores all previous unpleasantries. Prank? What Prank? Also, I didn't mean to exclude Peter all this much; it's just hard to find songs that fit him, when he doesn't have a canon (or semi-canon) love interest. I'm actually quite fond of him, truth to be told. ♥

Medium: Books & Movies
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: The Marauders, with Remus/Sirius and James/Lily
Title: The Best Of Times

Fanmix + drabbles ahoy! )

Want to see more fics and/or art? Pop in on [ profile] anna_creations!

Music Recs

Nov. 15th, 2008 02:33 pm
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Ack. I know I've been awful at replying to posts lately, but please, do know that I've read them all. I'm following your enthralling war against the music-hooligan with held breath, [ profile] latenightcuppa, and I'm glad to hear things are better, [ profile] xbittersweet89x!

This week has been busy, not only because Dad is still in the U.S. (he'll be back home on Monday! ♥) but also because my new pills are doing wonders, it seems. My time for fandom has shrunken considerably -- I'm still in a state of shock, actually.

And now for something completely different: song recs + downloads: )

Huh. Much rock/techno in this list. Oops. I didn't mean to become so narrow-minded...

Oh well. I'll add a fic rec, too, just because I can.

Title: The Speculum Curse [written by Hyphen]
Rating/Warnings: PG // Gen, good OOCness with good reason, ~25 000 words long
This is a gen-fic without the slightest hint of R/S, but the fantastic Marauder dynamic more than make up for it. Due to a personality-altering curse, we get to see James acting like a wallflower, Peter munching on Snape's kneecaps, Remus chasing skirts and Sirius channeling Gandhi. It's insane and it's hilarious.


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