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So, I have now watched Watchmen and am, as per usual, years late to the party.

My verdict: Meh.

Do I really need a spoiler-cut? I’ll play it safe. )

So, in short: meh. I like my superhero movies cracky and shiny, kthxbye.
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Three posts in one day – I’m so sorry! D: I’ll shut up for several days now, I promise.


Cut for Iron Man 2 spoilers, squeeing and capslock. )

I probably shouldn’t write LJ entries rapidly without proofreading first, but I AM EXCITED.
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My review:


Holmes totally has Asperger's Syndrome, y/y/mfy?
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The other night, mum was up late and zapping, and I joined her out of boredom. I was planning to just be there for a couple of minutes to chat and then go do something else, maybe drawing or something, when mum paused her zapping to watch the trailers at Silver. Not much there, but right before mum resumed her zapping, I caught a glimpse of the programme schedule. They were going to show Naked, then and there, on Swedish television, one hour to midnight.

Cut for spoilers and rambling. )

And now for something completely different: my books arrived today! \o/ I'm already on chapter seven of Maurice. ♥
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The autumn break is now over; it's back again to school tomorrow. *sad*

I'm not fretting over the Clandestine, Nondenominational Holiday Friend Exchange or [ profile] rs_small_gifts yet, but just give me time but I'm starting to worry about my and [ profile] usomitai's [ profile] house_bigbang-fic. We've finished it and have started on the editing, but it still scares me. It's so long, and it's silly to think that, because obviously it's long, it's a big bang fic, but it still scares me. Note to self: never write a 20 000+ words long fic again. *sadder*

I'm trying out some new pills, Equasym, that will hopefully help me with my constant tiredness. Hitherto, there has been no significant change other than that my insomnia has gotten worse. My melatonin pills have worked brilliantly for the past two years, but it seems like Equasym neutralize them or something. In any case, instead of taking my fair time falling asleep and then sleep relatively peacefully, I don't sleep at all. It doesn't matter that I'm so tired I'm feeling sick and have a headache; I just won't fall asleep. I need my seven hours of sleep, or more, otherwise my body and mind go haywire. I WANT SLEEP, FOR SOD'S SAKE. *bloody miserable*


No, I can't allow myself to wallow in self-pity; then this would look like any teenager's journal, and not like a madcap's fandom one. Sorry for the rant.
Now, onto much, much happier subjects:

I saw Transformers with my brother yesterday. It was quite alright, even rather charming. I particularly liked Bumblebee's "dating tips" in the beginning. *g*

Oh, and this is made of awesome:

David Thewlis & David Heyman talk Half-Blood Prince (UPDATED)
Excerpt from this article.

Because you actually feel quite ridiculous. You've got a knitting needle in your hand, and you're threatening someone's life with it, you know.

Aw, David! ♥ You are brilliant, even with your actoresque filler words! *cuts and pastes*

You actually feel quite ridiculous. You've got a knitting needle in your hand, and you're threatening someone's life with it.

You actually feel quite ridiculous. You've got a knitting needle in your hand, and you're threatening someone's life with it.

... Can someone iconize that for me? Pretty please? ♥ I'm willing to write ficlet or draw or both or whatever you want just have this iconized.
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It's amazing how school just sucks energy out of you, and how it steals time so effortlessly. I'm starting to understand what people mean when they say that time is like sand in your hands.

To save your f-lists: babbling behind the cut! )

I am the Goddess of Getting Side-Tracked. That said, I wonder if anyone would mind beta an R/S fanfic for me? It's about 1,000 words long, rated PG and written in response for the September Challenge over at [ profile] hh_sugarquill; the prompt was "whimsical". So, does anyone feel like they could help me out? I would be so very grateful if someone could.
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I went and saw "Mamma Mia" two days ago with my mum and one of my mum's best friends. I was a bit sceptical at first -- I mean, a musical? With Abba? I've never been very keen on either of them -- but it turned out that all three of us spent as good as every minute of the film writhing in laughter.

Spoilers for the entire plot of 'Mamma Mia' )

Rating: 8/10

Other Notes: Apart from go and see it? Go and see it with your girlfriends, rather than your boyfriend/brother/father/any man. And maybe with your mother, or anyone else who lived when Abba broke through.