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Hullo, hullo. It's been almost a month without an update; that really wasn't my intention. But you see, five days ago, I came home from my three-week long trip to Boston, U.S.A. Which was my first major journey abroad, so I've only now recovered from my jet-lag. I know I have tons of things to catch up on.

So of course I sign up for [ profile] hc_bingo. ::facepalm:: SELF, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

H/C Bingo Card )

This is going to be so much fun. ♥
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Good morning/day/afternoon/night/life/Armageddon, this is Anna's Brain's PA speaking.

We're glad to inform you that after weeks of reconstruction, things are finally up and running again. There has been some major changes in Anna Tower, however, and we hope visitors will not become too confused by them.

As some of you may remember, apart from the lobby and the department "Random Obsessions" on the 4th floor, all floors were dedicated to heathen Harry Potter worship.
The new Anna Tower still has the heathen worship as its main fuction, but two of the top floors are currently being rebuilt to accommodate shrines for the worship of Marvel's The Avengers and Iron Man. "Random Obessions" has also gained two permanent departments: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Robert Downey Jr."

Old regulars need not to worry. Despite these changes, the remaining ten floors are still in the exact same condition as they were before the reconstuction. After all, Harry Potter holds over 50% of the shares.

- -

PM from the CEO: Yes, this means my hiatus is officially over. Also, I'm setting up base in the Marvel Adventures and IM: The Movie 'verses, because they are pretty and cracky and non-angsty and I like them.
And no, just because I've changed my default icon into an Iron Man one doesn't mean I'm defecting from Harry Potter. It's just, you know, the arc reactor? Shiny.

I'm back

Aug. 10th, 2009 03:59 pm
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Hello. I'm back, the trip was fine, but I'm deadly tired and feel like the food on the floor that had a return ticket, so I'll go and rest and watch my taped eps of The Daily Show, and then hopefully I will sometime in the next few days manage a real update.

By the way, I devoured the first season of Torchwood during my trip; I'll get back to that later.

Oh, and thank you for the well-wishes! ♥


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